My Brand Wish ...

My Brand Wish ...

My Brand Wish ...

As I sit here in the relative calm and quite of an airplane cabin on my way to Vancouver for a few days of quiet time with my husband before the crazy starts, I thought it was the perfect time to write my first blog for the store and set my intentions, my brand wish.

It’s only been about six weeks since I decided to jump off this cliff and 8 weeks since it was even an idea to talk about. It’s definitely been an insane time and I do not recommend this accelerated pace to anyone opening their own store. Luckily I have amazing support from my friends and family and 20 years with the seed of this idea percolating in my brain. I also have the huge advantage of coming from 20 years of fast paced corporate experience in advertising and marketing.

I have to say, this has been such an exciting time. The adrenaline and feeling of accomplishment each day reminds me of how amazing it felt in the early days of my career learning and achieving success. I love that I get to bring to my community what I hope will become a true destination for locals and tourists. I love how I finally get to use my buying and merchandising diploma and weave it into my years of project management and marketing skills. But what I’m really enjoying is finding the unique Canadian treasures that will make people want to keep coming back to the shop and talking to the makers and hearing their stories.


It’s now three days later and after an amazing time with my man walking from one end of Vancouver to the other, exploring, gathering ideas, stories and eating (it’s usually about the food for me) we head back home with A LOT of work to do.

Tomorrow we get the keys and after a family picnic in the space I’ve invited some of my girlfriends to help me expel any bad “ju ju” that may be lurking in the corners with a smudging ceremony and then setting new positive intentions with some pink champagne and a dance party.

My hopes for Too Good General Store that I hope will be cemented into the walls, DNA, brand and vibe of the store are this.

A place where, when you walk in you can’t hep but smile. It might be the way the store is curated that day, the funny greeting card you didn’t know you needed until it made you laugh out loud, it might be the smells of wonderful candles or essential oils, it might be the music, or the promise of a good conversation as I share the stories behind my latest finds, maybe it’s the the excitement of meeting some new friends or connecting with existing ones at the Community Table where you are going to learn a new skill or discuss the latest book.

Regardless of what it is for you, my promise, my hope, is that the Too Good General Store brings some brightness into your day and you leave with a smile on your face (and of course a shopping bag in your hand).


  • Sarah, You just described my new home away from home, as I’ve imagined it might be! And for me it’s only on the other side of the neighbourhood but this is the kind of community experience that I would travel to from across the GTA! The invitation is beckoning me to bring a special friend and embrace a unique experience full of memories and new ideas.
    Thank you for jumping off your cliff! You’ve inspired so many to do the same, or at least to get one step closer to the edge! I just know that you are going to take flight and that your flock will see to it that you soar as high as you can go! Enjoy the view! You’ll be up there for a long time!!

    Sheila Abbruzzo on

  • Best wishes on your new adventure.

    Nancy Raymond on

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