On August 31st we are moving to an online only shop. Use the code MOVING at checkout for 25% off to lighten our move.

About Us

I am a Unionville local transplanted from the city 10 years ago. Unionville is a beautiful town and has a quaint, robust historic Main Street, surrounded by the typical suburban fare. But being a city girl I missed the feeling of community and the ability to walk to cute boutiques that would always deliver on an interesting experience and new items to explore. 

So after life in the corporate world specializing in marketing for 20 years I was downsized, and when this amazing location became available I saw it as a sign to open up the store I’ve been dreaming about for over 15 years. 

A modern twist on the General Store will connect Canadian artisans who create small batch goods with creative and thoughtful consumers. Products will be of the highest quality, making them a joy to give (and receive!).

I will also create a Community Table that will become “the” place to come for workshops, food tastings and to rent out for book clubs and other meetings. Creating a cozy, welcoming location to gather shop and learn.

I hope that you enjoy shopping and gathering here as much as I've enjoyed finding the interesting and eclectic mix of products from across Canada.