Community Table Space

Community Table Space


Interested in reserving the Community Table for a PRIVATE EVENT? We’d love to have you - here are some details to help you decide if it’s right for you.

~The table holds 8 and a second table can be added so 10 can sit comfortably and have a good amount of table space and elbow room.
~The cost to reserve the space is $150 but if your guests shop and collectively spend $150 you will get a refund of $100.
~Events are 2-2.5 hours in length and run after hours (these change seasonally).
~Sink facilities are limited (washroom only) so if you want to serve any water/beverages you will need to bring your own.
~We have a washroom that can be used and parking behind the building.

Interesting in reserving the Community Table for a WORKSHOP? There are two ways to accommodate a workshop:

A private workshop -  This works a similar way to the option above.
~All workshop communication, promotion, payment is your responsibility with TGGS being the location for the event but not a “host”.

A co-hosted workshop -
~A co-hosted workshop must compliment the products in the store. Ie: we would not someone running a workshop with essential oils that we do not sell. This would then become a private workshop.
~We will work together to find a workshop price that covers your costs and the use of the Community Table. This negates the $150 fee mentioned in the first option.
~We will work together to co-promote the event and all reservations/payments will go through the TGGS point of sale/website.
~A minimum of 5 participants are needed to ensure the workshop runs.

If the space is still interesting to you please email or call us to discuss dates and details.