Wild Blueberry Rooibos


Banff's clear blue skies are never more potent than when mirrored on the windless waters of vermillion lakes. To find yourself paddling silently across this lake with a mug of wild blueberry rooibos tea is a cup of bliss. Filled with rich red antioxidants, our blend of South African rooibos and beautiful blue, wild, dried blueberries is a perfect balance. With sweet, satisfying character this infusion is fabulous hot and a refreshing thirst quencher cold!

Hand-blended organic ingredients: rooibos, blueberries, schizandra berries, hibiscus, natural and organic flavours of blueberry and strawberry.

Size: 80g/tin.
Servings 25-30 cups per tin ~ 1 tsp per cup or 1 Tbsp pot